I absolutely love essential oils and believe that you can benefit from them too. Come with us on our journey and put yourself on the path to a better, more balanced and contented you.

Esessence was born out of my passion for all things natural that help bolster and maintain a positive mindset and sense of wellbeing.

When attuning to Reiki in 2003 I discovered the holistic benefits of natural oils that derive from plants and began to learn more about the therapeutic benefits that they deliver.

In our modern world we are conditioned to reach for synthetic products to treat common ailments, often overlooking or simply not considering natural remedies - because there’s a pill for everything right?

But that is not entirely true.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and their therapeutic benefits are well established and understood. Even today in modern dentistry, clove oil is widely used for its active ingredient eugenol, which is a natural anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory.

Every plant has an individual chemical signature that yields oil with specific qualities of which can replace those of many synthetic products.

Some essential oils are soothing, centring, and grounding, whilst others are energising, awakening, and uplifting - but all essential oils are natural.

Harnessing this array of nature's chemical characteristics allows you to target specific areas of your wellbeing and exert a positive influence on the way you think, feel and live.

That is why I formulated our exclusive, signature range of blends, using natural oils and ingredients that target sleep, energy, stress & anxiety. Lovingly supporting your health and wellness rituals and helping you build a more positive wellbeing.

Everything we use in our products is ethically sourced, vegan friendly, cruelty free and brought together with love.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Linzi Edington - Founder of Esessence